Custom Neon Lighting, LED Lights for home & garden

Cap-Neon Lighting is a family run, British company with over 20 years experience in the lighting trade, manufacturing quality fittings at competitive prices.

We are the only lighting company to focus on the importance of ensuring that lighting and ceiling systems fit together properly.

Many Architects & Engineers will have unpleasant memories of projects, where luminaires delivered to site, did not fit the ceiling. Products shown on our website, will prevent the possibility of this happening to your next project.

Through our inovative design and attention to detail, we believe that we offer more technical lighting solutions, than any other company of comparitive size.

We endeavour to find the optimum that is right for each customer and also the allocated budget for the project.

Parts are hand polished to a deep shine and then clear laquered to seal in the finish and protect it from tarnishing. Polished brass is a very traditional glass manufacturer finish, however, looks very stylish with a neon bulb..

The parts of the fitting are hand polished and then painted with a special colour paint to give the effect that the fitting has aged and tarnished, while sealing custom security lighting in and retaining the finish. Antique provides a very warm and understated look to a lighting product.

Components are polished to a high shine,

Components are polished to a high shine, then chrome plated to a mirror like finish. Chrome is a very modern finish and is very hard wearing. Components are made as normal, then finely scratch finished. They are then nickel plated and gently buffed again to provide a satin sheen. They are then clear laquered to prevent tarnishing. This gives a semi-matt, slightly industrial look to the fitting.

A solid desk lamp with a swing contact neon lightning arm feature, so you can adjust the positon of the light source when in use, and swing it back out of the way when not. Made in Solid Brass and hand finished.